Keyword Density is the count of the keywords that is used a number of times compared to the total number of words used on the web page. There is a fixed percentage for the number of times that keywords can be used which is 1 to 3 percent, above which could be considered  search spam. The measure for the keyword density is estimated based on the rankings provided by the search engines for the web pages among which the over populated pages with keywords would be penalized. The main reason of why SEO experts make utilize of the keywords is to rank their web page on the top list thereby increasing the traffic on their web pages. But over usage of keywords ,that is the keyword density is monitored strictly by most of the search engines. Proper usage of words in normal manner that is readable as well as understandable by the viewers should be the core concept while framing the content for the web pages. If you are not aware about keyword density you can hire good seo freelancer kerala.

Importance of Keyword Density in SEO

        The most important idea behind keywords is that they should be the common word related to the content of the web page for which most of the people would search for in search engines. Also, proper keywords can only elevate the traffic on the web page thereby highlighting the web page. So,in short keyword density must be monitored and it is the most important factor for increasing the popularity of the web page to the outer world. Keyword Density checker tool is the highly required tool to know about the keyword desnity of our website. People normally hire seo specialist to accomplish this task or they will start studying digital marketing course in kochi.