Competitive Analysis – Generally a competitive analysis is a strategy to find the competitor, their products and services, marketing tactics in seo, social media presence and in’s and out’s of the competitor.

By doing competitive analysis we can have an idea about the competitor marketing strategy. This competitive analysis actions can help us to make a better digital marketing strategy to improve our website performance.

Basically we do use online tools to perform the competitive analysis of our competitor, by doing these kind competitive analysis actions, we do collect competitor seo tactics of on and off page seo, social media presence and sales conversion tactics. If you are not interested to do the competitive analysis instead looking for seo freelancer kerala ? then just contact us.

Competitive Analysis

How we perform competitive analysis by using online tools

ON & OFF Page SEO Strategy

Generally we perform seo competitive analysis by using tolls called seositecheckp tool. This website can give us a idea about about seo. It generate website meta tags information, content details and keyword density, sitemap details, robots files, server performance and location, page load speed, web structure quality, structured data, opengraph, twitter cards, social media presence, backlinks idea and social shares details etc.

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker can help us to find the percentage of keywords available in total word count. Usually keyword density range between 1 to 3 % is best keyword density percentage.

Social Media Share Count

Social Media Share Counter can generate the total share made for the competitor webpage. It collect the Facebook and Pinterest share count.

Web Page Load Speed

Web Page Load Speed Tester find the average speed of the webpage when user visit the website. Above 80 Web Page speed is the best speed available. Speed range between 0 to 100 Numbers.

Structured Data Testing

Structured Data Testing tool developed by google to find the Structured Data created in the website. It gives an idea about what type of Structured Data used in that website.

Web Page Mobile-Friendly Checker

Web Page Mobile-Friendly Checker created by google to test the mobile friendliness of the webpage. It gives a clue about the mobile friendliness of the website.

Lighthouse Tool

This also tools created by google to test the website performance in different sections.

These above tools are used to perform the Competitive Analysis to have an idea about competitor webpage.

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