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OKSMO DIGITAL offer one of the leading Digital Marketing course in Kochi run by experienced digital marketer Shameer Kizhakkedath. Shameer Having 12 years of experience in Digital Marketing and SEO. He worked with leading brands in kerala, His Expertise helped more than 50 Companies to grow their business in digital platform. He is well experienced in SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Email Marketing and Digital Marketing. Shameer Gathered his all knowledge in one platform to give training for the people who aspire to study digital marketing.  Under the guidance of shameer. OKSMO Digital given training for more than 300 students in an year. OKSMO Digital provide advanced digital marketing course at affordable course fee.

What is Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is the latest trend of marketing products or services using digital technologies or medium, mostly on internet that includes usage of cellular phones, electronic screens like LED, LCD or similar types of screens and any latest available digital medium. When we promote product or service we use the advantage of latest digital mediums like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Other Popular Medium. During this Digital Era People spend their free time on social media and other digital medium so digital marketers use this digital platform to reach people to promote products and services.

Benefits of Studying Digital Marketing 

During this digital era digital marketing is one of the best marketing method to promote products online. Digital Marketing Course in Kochi teach you how to do promotion for physical and online goods. Few years back companies used to promote products through traditional methods but now everything simplified to digitized version of traditional marketing. Digital Mediums are used to promote digital and physical goods. Digital Medium like Facebook, google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram are heavily used to promote products digitally.  Our Digital Marketing Course in kochi teach you how to promote this products online effectively. Digital Marketing Course in  Kochi teach you to digital and physical goods marketing through online medium.

Our Advanced digital marketing course can help you to learn social media marketing like facebook, instagram, youtube and linkedin. This advanced course also include search engine marketing module for google advertisement. Email Marketing, Google My Business, CRM, Social Media optimisation, videos creation, thumbnail design course will be added advantage and we also introduce some seo tools like keyword density checker, google analytics tools, google search console, seo audit website and social share counter. Digital Marketing is incomplete without website , our digital marketing course also include web design in html and wordpress platform.  As an advanced digital marketing course we added advanced seo course with our digital marketing training program.

Topics We Cover in Our Digital Marketing Course 

1. Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is playing an important role to do assessment of the competitor weakness and Weakness of competitos. Competitor Analysis help us to know about the strategy of companies leading in the same industry thus we can create good online marketing strategy to rank our website first in google ranking. Our Digital Marketing Course cover this analysis process through different seo tools.

2. Social Media Marketing

Our Advanced Program Cover Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Youtube Marketing Including Shopping and Conversion Ad. Social Media Marketing play an important role to make quick business enquiry. Our Advanced digital marketing training program teach you all type of social media marketing and social media optimisation to help your brand grow online.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Section  cover Analytics Setup and Tracking in Simple Methods. Google Analytics exclusive class can help students to learn, implement and track the website traffic. This module also help students to setup google ads remarketing through analytics class.  

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization Course enable you to do ON /OFF page SEO Process in your website to get better ranking in google.  Our exclusive digital marketing training institute can make you learn about seo effectively. SEO Class show you to grow business based on organic traffic.  

5. Web Dvelopment

Students can create their own website in wordpress / html platform.You will also study SEO in both platforms.  Platforms like wordpress cms build professional website within minutes and save lot of time thus even beginers can learn to build professional website in an easy methods. OKSMO Digital Advaced digital marketing course in kochi can help people to build website. 

6. CRM Training

This Advanced digital marketing course in kochi  is incomplete without CRM. This system adopted by Companies to undesrstand their customers closely. CRM Training excellent method to handle online generated data in systematic manner. OKSMO Digital Online Digital Marketing training in kochi help people to manage data in systematic manner.

7. Youtube Marketing

Video Marketing  is excellent  digital strategy. This Course help you learn about Youtube marketing in Advance Level. Youtube Video Marketing, Youtube SEO, Video Editing, Thumbnail Creation and other optimisation techniques included in this online digital marketing course in kochi. Video Marketing play an important role in digital marketing. This digital marketing course is the best option for the students who aspire to learn video optimisation marketing.

8. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is Traditional  Marketing Method, Our  Digital Marketing Course in kochi help you to implement Excellent Email Marketing Campaign. Our Digital Marketing Training Institute in kochi include email marketing automation tool to build your business online. 

Course Fees, Highlights and Trainer Profile

Course Fees

1. Advanced Digital Marketing Course : 5000 Rs

2. Advanced Facebook Ad Course – 1500 Rs

3. Advacned Google Ad Course – 1500

Course Highlights

1. Placement Assistant

2. Course and Internship Certificates

3. Whatsapp Class Available

4. Practical Online Training

5. Time Flexibility

6. 24 Hours Support System

7. Online Live Support

Trainer Profile

1. 12 Years Experienced Digital Marketer

2. Founder of Top 3 Online Sites

3. Former Digital Campaign head of leading brands in India

Contact Trainer

Shameer Kizhakkedath

Ph : 8089860716



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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

  • What qualifications do I need for digital marketing course?

    Since the stream is marketing, digital marketing course will benefit more for Marketing and sales proffessionals,Entrprenneurs or any business owners and more or less it will pave a way to the future for students interested in opening their career in the field of marketing.

  • Are there any Online Class available to study digital marketing course?

    Online digital marketing classes are available as paid. Our Advanced courses available at 5000 Rupees.

  • Does digital marketing pay well?

    On an average, a digital marketing experience of 1 to 4 years earns upto 400000 Rupees Per Year and a mid-career professional with an experience of 5 to 9 years earns up to 800000 Rupees per year.

  • What salary I can expect as a beginner?

    For a beginner into the profession of digital marketing,they can start their career with a salary at beginner level of Rs.3 Lacs to 4 Lacs per annum.This range of salary would depend on some other factors too like skills, organization and the location of the work.

  • What is Digital Marketing Cost?

    Digital Marketing services are billed commonly as hourly rates, project specific fees and also on monthly basis.

Importance of Digital Marketing Course

Before start with importance of digital marketing course in kochi, Kochi The fastest growing modern city in Kerala. Let it be fashion, technology, education, films & what not? The major hub of Kerala, prominently known as the Business Capital of Kerala, this is what city of Kochi means to the world. There are numerous startup ideas sprouting every now & then in this city. The population in Kochi is from various streams which means it is not only the Keralites but from different states of India as well as foreign tourists too. So in order to exploit tourism, many companies surrounding the tourism has originated in Kochi. For the fantabulous perspective of each industry to stand out among the many, digital marketing is the prime tool for many entrepreneurs & it is showing a very large impact on the business criteria in Kochi.

Digital Marketing courses in kochi are originating regularly in this city. For the various types of business in this land of Companies, digital marketing is incumbent to facilitate the spread of the biz concepts. As the tourism itself being the bread & butter for many of the livings in the city, to spread the business & to show their existence modern means of marketing tools has to get employed whereas to attract a good number of customers towards them. Digital Marketing techniques are very much modernized and utilized in different fashions, as per the latest industry trends.

The concept of digital marketing is in short nothing but to attract many customers towards an entity by capturing their minds. Many creative professionals are working very hard to bring out the most modern techniques. So, living in such a fast city meeting thousands of challenges & that too for existence sharpens the tool of a craftsman.

So, this is why Kochi is the best city to get trained if you have selected Digital Marketing course in kochi. Digital Marketing has replaced the traditional methods of marketing techniques where many had to get to reach for many customers but with serious limitations for their outreach. This new strategy of marketing techniques has built many jobs for the fresh graduates. Many of the digital marketing institutes have a wide variety of coaching strategy and specifically customized for Students, for Entrepreneurs depending on the way one wants to have an effective coaching.

Students Corner for digital marketing course in kochi!

If you have just finished with your academics but are passionate into the web world where creativity is the key tool for survival & success, then this is the best option to make your dreams come true. Head on to an institute of Digital Marketing to encompass the aspirations that stretch you to a better world. Creative minds count more in this field of digital marketing and living in a city where each and every day you meet up with new surroundings, better ideas, creativities and diversified cultures will help you to build a marketing strategy with creative inputs that becomes mindful for the common people that attracts many.

 Developed but a bit more!

Entrepreneurs are on a long run to invade mere business perspectives to compete with their rivals as well as new sprouting entrepreneurs. Each day the industry world is changing. The minds of the people differ as per their needs & requirements. Each day is a fresh start for the new life with new prospects and desires and to align with these, marketing strategy has to be refreshed as per the current requirements. So,Entrepreneurs are provided with a business class attire by providing the coaching at their  place with tutors travelling as per their requirement. The facilities provided by the competitive institutes are so challenging that they adapt as per the requirements.

The surroundings have a very concise influence especially on the training of the creative digital marketing courses in kochi where one has to input new ideas into the concept building. This is the reason why Kochi being articulated as the major choice of many arousing professionals to make their career. A new career pathway to a most modernized concept, holding up a bright future ahead is the Digital Marketing and provided with many options to get trained in a city where the diversity is integrated into the custom of living of even common man.

Kochi is well suited with many creative concepts which could e inculcated into the stream of digital marketing as this is what the new trending stream of Digital Marketing demands more. Through learning digital marketing course,one gets an opening into many branches of web world which are namely Social Media Marketing Market Research, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO & YouTube marketing.

This enables one to have a knowledge in diversified streams and each one being prominent in this new era of web. Most of the digital marketing course in Kochi are providing placement assistance into very well organized work cultured enterprises which helps you to shape your future. Since Kochi being itself the IT hub, recruiters will be much interested to hire many from a city where one gaining training through a well-diversified city with much creative concepts.

What the companies want is what we provide through the digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing enables an increase in the business reach of the enterprises and this is the prime obligation when a company is setup by an entity. So it can be said that marketing teams are facilitators for a business.

This helps to achieve jobs in a fast pace and secure targets in a much elevated pace. Best Digital Training Institutes play a crucial role in framing the professionals able for a digital marketing criteria. The location has a very large impact on especially the courses like these where creativity is much counted than the external hard work.

It is mere difficult in helping grow the company by just spreading the names but a creative mind can embark the names in the minds of many by a very new and fresh thought that is included into the digital marketing spectrum.Creativity is never injected but it is trained properly by providing different digital marketing and traditional aspects and exposures to the cultures which helps gaining the experiences that will always boost for an energized creative mind & thinking. If you are looking for digital marketing course in kochi? then please do contact us.

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